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Old memories and Questions

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Old memories and Questions

Post  DeadlyShadow on Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:38 am

I just recently went through my old computer games, and I found JKII in the group of games.  It reminded me of the times I spent on the AoF server having a blast.  So I decided to reinstall it onto my computer.  A problem i have reoccurring is that the JKII servers are not showing up in my server browser.  Is this because of server problems or what?  And all my old mods are deleted, and with the removal of JKII files, its been difficult to get back some of the mods.  I guess what Im getting at is that is there anybody who still plays this? And is there by any saving grace a new website that has some mods from jkII files? And hello to all,  my extended leave of abscence is due to my schooling and working for UPS.  It's good to be back!
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Re: Old memories and Questions

Post  mcmonkey on Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:23 pm

Oh no, jk2files died D:

Also, <-- might want that if you're going to try to play JK2.

Not to imply much of anyone still plays that game...

EDIT: oh you can get the old files at probably

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Re: Old memories and Questions

Post  A-doy on Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:44 am


This will help you too

jk2mv combines 3 server lists so if Raven happens to be crashed atm, the other 2 server lists will supply it. jk2mv combines also all game versions together

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Re: Old memories and Questions

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