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Welcome to the Assassins of Freedom!

[HACKS] clan was originally created by HP-67, then passed on to [HACKS]-MCMONKEY, the brilliant inventor of Twifire and soon became a respected clan leader. He hosted many servers, and had a powerful grip on the world of JK2. Then one day, two young players, acting on a dream and impulse, as well as their love for Assassin's Creed wanted to make an impact as big as mcmonkey's. Their names were Nick(formerly named Ezio), and Alta(short for Altair). The founders of AoF. Realizing it would be hard for them to do it alone, they sought guidance. mcmonkey took them under his wing, and AoF became a division of [HACKS]. During their brief stint at [HACKS] they picked up notable members such as Avatar, DeadlyShadow, odiegh, Tim Skywalker, Starkiller, and uberPWNer1000. Soon however the members of AoF realized that mcmonkey, brilliant as he was, was not fully in line with AoF's beliefs. For a short period, AoF became part of UG. Soon enough they went back to [HACKS], due in part to mcmonkey's persuasion. In the latter months after, AoF received help from Leonardo (formerly Tim Skywalker), who had left [HACKS] because of disagreements with mcmonkey. Leo helped them build a forum and try to separate peacefully from [HACKS]. mcmonkey soon had a discussion with both Leo and Alta, and chose to disband [HACKS] to drop AoF into a sink-or-swim situation. AoF separated from [HACKS] on January 16, 2012.
Currently today, mcmonkey and AoF have settled their differences and are now working together to bring peace, fun, and good times to the world of gaming. With many new recruits coming in, AoF remains active and strong. With the powerful Twifire mod for Jedi Outcast, the game can be enjoyed to its fullest. 6 months later, on July 7th, 2012, the unthinkable happened leading to AoF's initial collapse. Prov(formerly Dudeman) left to start anew, taking Nick with him, to form something better, due to internal disagreements. This devastated AoF, and with Leonardo missing in action, the Mentor's council was nowhere to be found. Altair did the only thing he could without much support, he dissolved AoF. The surviving members quickly formed two different sides, KoL, and Mando. Mando was led by Alta, mcmonkey, and Ezio; and KoL was led by Prov. It soon caused many members to make tough decisions. Eventually, only Leonardo and BlackASSassin stood with Prov in KoL. More sides began to change and soon, KoL had all of the previous AoF members, except for Monkey, Nick, and Alta. Mando became dissolved and a clan war was averted. Monkey and Altair left Jedi Outcast, and Ezio joined up with Prov in KoL. The Keepers of Light (KoL) adopted a fair play and friendship for all stance, making a laid back time on the server called Alabaster.
After a short time however, KoL slowly began to fail. It lacked necessary aspects needed for a clan, such as a forum, or ranks. Prov did his best to make the tough decisions, but in the end, the old days of AoF were missed. Leo and Avenger discussed the what-ifs, if they could bring back AoF, if all could be well again. If some major changes could be made. Alta was contacted, and he was on board with the idea, sad that he gave up on such a good clan. On July 21, 2012, AoF was made whole again, and KoL was disbanded.
Now, after 2 years of peace and fair play, AoF has decided to convert to a gaming community to try and bring activity back to our home game of Jedi Outcast. We have all united to bring potential fans interested in Star Wars, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, etc, so that we can give them a fun experience. We have taken these past two years to mature from the drama that has occurred and are now ready to take on the world! If you found this link on our YouTube channel, register and join our forum for updates on new videos and general community news! Welcome!

Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:36 pm by TheChosenOne

i cannot believe i have been a part of AoF for SO LONG AOF IS SO COOL tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue

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Pfft Sadness

Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:47 am by CuTemPlar

Wellp so much for finding an active AC RP forum. #disappoint ;-;

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It feels like he's 22.

Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:27 am by Leonardo

This isn't my original troll but I'm paying it forward.

Happy birthday Alta/Matt/Mentor/God.

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