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The Micr0 System

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The Micr0 System Empty The Micr0 System

Post  Leonardo on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:14 pm

The Red Runner (or RR) that has been taught here was originally created by Micr0 a long while ago. This is just some basic information to everyone who would like to learn what Micr0 affectionately calls: The Micr0 system.

The Training tree:


Leonardo(Tim Skywalker)




Black ASSassin


Kale Skylark






Tim Skywalker




You may have noticed that some names are in each other's categories. We have all tried to train each other as best as we could, and the Micr0 system is about all students equally training together.

Micr0's system is made up of two basic dueling styles, mostly attributing to mastering the red saber form; Red Runner (RR) and Brute Red (BR).

Red Runner: A form that requires great patience, the overall tactic is to make your enemy impatient and make him start to do stupid things. Unique swings and rolling patterns are used in this form.

Brute Red: Primarily a method of intimidation, used to catch the other duelist off guard and forcing a retreat. Easy form that requires timing and also recovery rolling practice.

Unfortunately, there is a lost dueling style to the Micr0 system. Neither Micr0, nor myself can remember it, but it was a third part of the red style. However, blue drag and yellow drag styles have been added to the System, compensating for it. Recently (I hope you don't mind Micr0, I gave it a name xD) a new style called Yellow Runner (YR) has been added. Its just a slight tweak of the normal yellow drags.

If you are interested in learning the system, inquire with Micr0, Edgio, Vader, Blackie, or myself!!!

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