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Server Control Info

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Server Control Info

Post  mcmonkey on Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:45 am

Screw typing again, Skype group copypasta:

[5:17:41 AM] mcmonkey: ALSO
[5:17:56 AM] mcmonkey: AoF-JK2 server is now running under a secure Windows XP Virtual Machine
[5:18:10 AM] Avenger: Alright.
[5:18:13 AM] mcmonkey: I've given Alta full teamviewer-based control of the entire virtual computer running the server
[5:18:29 AM] mcmonkey: and he'll give it out to whoever he feels he can trust with direct control
[5:18:37 AM] Avenger: You got your payment?
[5:18:43 AM] mcmonkey: Nope.
[5:18:52 AM] mcmonkey: He's behind on payment as usual.
[5:18:59 AM] mcmonkey: But I'm so nice I just keep doing things anyway.
[5:19:07 AM] Avenger: You are super cool
[5:19:10 AM] mcmonkey: I'm definitely being nice here
[5:19:21 AM] mcmonkey: ... Also, if you need help with hard-to-do server things
[5:19:24 AM] mcmonkey: bug alta about it
[5:19:26 AM] mcmonkey: cause he can do them now
[5:19:30 AM] Avenger: XD Okay
[5:19:37 AM] Avenger: But he won't reply me most of the time >_>
[5:19:37 AM] * mcmonkey innocently smiles
[5:27:31 AM] mcmonkey: ... wouldn't object to Alta giving control to an active mapmodder like Venge to maintain the mapedits files
[5:27:34 AM] mcmonkey: But that's up to him.

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[2:31:32 PM] Angelis Kable: monkey knows wtf he is talking about
[2:31:38 PM] Angelis Kable: you might do well to listen to him
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Re: Server Control Info

Post  Alta on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:19 am

The rest of that:

[7:58:31 AM] mcmonkey: Alta's much too lazy (I mean 'busy') to actually do anything himself with the controls, and we all know it
[7:58:33 AM] mcmonkey: ALTA'S ALIVE
[7:58:39 AM] Alta: And you're a dick
[7:58:44 AM] mcmonkey: Yes I am.
[7:59:20 AM] mcmonkey: Nonetheless, decide if you're going to trust anyone with the controls
[7:59:22 AM] mcmonkey: Or use em yourself
[7:59:40 AM] Alta: Both

[10:18:51 PM] mcmonkey: Alta is god
[8:37:45 PM] Alta's Toplel Nub: > Types alta into name field
[8:37:49 PM] Alta's Toplel Nub: autocorrects to god
[8:37:53 PM] Alta's Toplel Nub: imokwiththis

[6:37:56 PM] mcmonkey: Teams with alta on them are unbeatable
[2:18:44 PM] (ง'̀-'́)ง The Alta (Owlta): Alta is love
[2:19:05 PM] mcmonkey: Alta is death
[2:19:12 PM] Venge: Alta is ..everything
[2:19:19 PM] mcmonkey: and alta is nothing
[2:19:20 PM] mcmonkey: amen

[6:21:34 AM] mcmonkey: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE
[6:21:50 AM] mcmonkey: It's also that every day
[6:21:54 AM] mcmonkey: but extra hail'ing today
[6:22:36 AM] mcmonkey: For the good lord altu hath risen from his rock that he hid behind or something because I'm still unclear on a lot of bible scenes

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Re: Server Control Info

Post  T-Bones on Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:07 am

Avenger: You got your payment?
[5:18:43 AM] mcmonkey: Nope.

This is untrue. I made payment and have receipt. $10 anyway. I'm not paying $15

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Re: Server Control Info

Post  Leonardo on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:56 pm

And you are incredibly smart not to xD

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Re: Server Control Info

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