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STU Servers Crashed by jGang Member

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STU Servers Crashed by jGang Member

Post  bazookapc on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:00 pm

So I have received a report from my fellow clanmates at Stormtroopers United claiming that the STU server was crashed by one jGang.Roxy:

Link here: s1.zetaboards com/STU_Clan_Forums/topic/4353483/3/?x=0#post567395
((Due to Forumotion being incompetent, I had to modify this link but STU also shows up on Google and the topic is easy to find. Smile ).

I have heard that there is some history between jgang (BlackAssassin wasn't it?) and /AoF/ and I would like to know if you guys have any info on who this "Roxy" character is. Servers are back up and healthy now, undergoing strict security maintenance, but I would like to know just who this was and what their motive was.

If you have any further information that help our clan discover the who and the why behind this, please feel free to contact the STU Leader Genesis and/or the rest of our clan on the STU website.

With great respect,

Xfire & Skype: bazookapc

P.S.: Many of you wonder why I disappeared from your Xfire lists. My Xfire was hacked a month ago and my friend lists deleted entirely. May the Force be with you, friends. Smile


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Re: STU Servers Crashed by jGang Member

Post  mcmonkey on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:08 pm

Some AoF once were also jGang members.
There is no official connection... and I believe the doublemembers are only the inactive nubs and/or the low ranked nubs... so irrelevant.

Go ask jGang about this, not AoF. We're not involved.

Also, STU nubs need to get better server security. Twifire or JK2MF or something.

Oh and baz. Stop deleting and remaking your account here. It's annoying.

EDIT: I read through the linked topic... their servers were down for maintenance, you worthless nub!
The jGang thing was an unrelated event a year ago.

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Re: STU Servers Crashed by jGang Member

Post  A-doy on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:19 pm


since i cant visit the link i googled it and i found this name in one post:
That was iGang.Roxy
It is 1.5 yrs old post but the name is iGang not jGang

Plus Blackie used name Ratz if i remember correctly, not Roxy. And i dont believe ANY of us would be so stupid to do such thing.

But to be honest i do have some past experience with iGang. They were known to me in past as lousy lamers and i faintly remember of rumors of server crashes caused by them.

I know nothing about them now so thats all from me.
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Re: STU Servers Crashed by jGang Member

Post  Leonardo on Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:04 am

Baz I was under the impression that your masters at STU were infinitely wise and skilled, but they can't distinguish the difference from the letters J and I.

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Re: STU Servers Crashed by jGang Member

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