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Kale's Application: Denied

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Kale's Application: Denied

Post  KaleSkylark on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:12 pm

I am 28 years old.
I play as Dessan as the light side only.
I've played jk2 for close to coming up to 2 years in April.
I am not in any divisions at all at this time and am planned to join only the KoP.
I always go by the rules told by me to the best of my ability.

Anything else that I need in here please do let me know asap thanks and I will do my upmost best to contribute when and wherever I can. Very Happy


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Application Responce

Post  Nick on Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:56 pm

Your Application has been reviewed and you will now under-go a series of tests. These tests are not specified and vary a range of topics, KoP members must be prepared to deal with. Stay on your toes and act wisely. Any choices that you make could get you in, or keep you out.

Good luck Kale.



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