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The rules of being a Keeper and cooperating with such server-side and forum-side

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The rules of being a Keeper and cooperating with such server-side and forum-side

Post  Nick on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:56 pm

As A keeper of peace, server peace, abuse control, and chat-kill/Unarmed killing counter measures are of up-most priority. When dealing with such intrusions server-side or even forum-side you could become quite hot headed and become hostile towards the rule-breaker. This is unacceptable behavior. We are a peace keeping group, not a war starting one, there for we must do what we do as civil and peacefully as possible.

Admin Punishment and Control Commands:

The use of power is only meant as a last resort. We may have the power, but that does not mean we need to use it. Many situations can be solved by just talking it out. If three (at least) warnings have been given, then permission to use punishment and control commands is allowed.


When you are addressing another member of KoP, you may either address them as a rank then name, or by Keeper then name. Examples include: Keeper Dudeman, or Councilmen Dudeman. We appreciate formal addressing, but this is more of a suggestion than a rule.


Superiority is not admin. It is rank. Although they may follow each other closely, if they are a lower rank than you, they are lower. This being said, that does not mean you are able to treat them like such, they are your brother, and your fellow keeper, treating members as lower is frowned upon, especially when followed by abuse, or threats.


Server Doors, sections, and teleporters may be locked by passwords. These passwords are not to be discussed on the forum or server, but only in private chats through email, xfire, skype, or some other vice. As well, do not ask for a password. If you have the permissions, you will already know it, if you do not, do not expect to be given it. They are meant to restrict for a reason.



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