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A Proposal

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A Proposal

Post  mcmonkey on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:34 pm

So a lot of things are going down, and AoF is at risk of going down with them.

Last time AoF fell, I formed [Mando] - going directly against what everyone else had asked me to do (being reform [HACKS] ) - and it failed. In fact, most of the complaints were because it was too different from [HACKS].

So, if AoF falls again, I'm thinking I'll go the way everyone seems to have wanted:

The reformation of [HACKS].
-This was brought to my mind by Leo (Surprisingly) who said he'd help me if I chose to restart [HACKS].

If this were to happen, the rules and structure of the clan would be a minor modification of the original [HACKS] ::

- LEADERSHIP: AoF has demonstrated repeatedly that a council cannot get much done. Whether arguing, laziness, one member can't get on to discuss, whatever - it didn't work.
So [HACKS] reformed would be an Empire. Led by me. This worked out quite well for quite a while last time, so it should work again.

- LOYALTY: Members would be expected to be loyal, but not to the degree that AoF aims for. Members must try to be active (unless events out of their control take them away) and must always wear [HACKS] tags. They will be permitted to join other groups on the side, but they must openly declare their membership of [HACKS] to the other group and wear [HACKS] tags with the other group. (If the other group requires wearing tags, you must wear both sets of tags)

- GAMES: [HACKS] would be of course in JK2, and likely MineCraft, and may join other games if many of the members play.

- RANKS: Ranks would be confined to admin rankings, not internal clan ranks. A higher rank means more admin commands, it does NOT give you the right to bully lower ranked members as it seems to here in AoF.

- CONTRIBUTING TO THE CLAN: As their is no council or similar groups, most of the members wouldn't directly contribute to decision making - all decisions would be made by mcmonkey. (Unless a decision of a type specifically delegated to another member, which may happen in cases such as admin rank ups or minor changes to the server settings) --- However, all members will be free to make requests and suggestions about anything they wish. Additionally, all major decisions will be available for public discuss on the forum - there will not be a vote, but a post that logically explains the reason a different action should be taken may win and change the decision.

- ADDITIONALLY: The clan will attempt to follow one basic principle that Leo suggested:
"Shut up and play the game."

- That's all I can think of for now, I'll edit more in later.

Oh, and about myself: If this happens, I intend to attempt to be more patient and understanding with members (instead of my current preference of going psychotic every time somebody is less that 100% genius and aware)

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Re: A Proposal

Post  Prov on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:48 pm

Looking forward to more elaboration and development of the idea, keeping my private thoughts currently to myself.


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Re: A Proposal

Post  Leonardo on Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:00 am

mcmonkey wrote:Oh, and about myself: If this happens, I intend to attempt to be more patient and understanding with members (instead of my current preference of going psychotic every time somebody is less that 100% genius and aware)



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Re: A Proposal

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