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AoF Ranks (and descriptions)

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AoF Ranks (and descriptions) Empty AoF Ranks (and descriptions)

Post  Leonardo on Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:12 am

Assassin Recruit: The 'invisible' rank after you pass the application on forum. Recruits must be eager, willing, and kind to all members. Be ready for your Initiation, and the Assassin Trials. You must take the Leap of Faith to become a member.

Assassin Adept: After taking the Leap, you become a full member of AoF, or an Assassin Adept. As an adept, you apply for a master that will train you until the rank of Assassin Sentinel. An Adept must must become proficient in red style saber dueling before ascending to the next rank. Your symbol is *

Assassin Brother: You have become proficient in dueling and are ready to take another crucial step in AoF: learning how to mapmod with our mod, Twifire. Your dueling skills should be perfected during this time, as your master will test you in all ways possible as a Guardian. Your symbol is >

Assassin Guardian: When you become a Guardian, you are expected to know both yellow and blue drags from your master, and what situations you use them in. This is a critical stage of your training as your master will see if you are fit to have an apprentice of your own. Your symbol is >>

Assassin Sentinel: Probably the most important phase until you become a master, you wear an additional tag of MiT, or Master in Training. Your master training will teach you how to deal with other people, future apprentices, or how to defuse possible hostile situations. During this phase you will also perfect your use of red, yellow, and blue styles. You will be more than ready to be a contender for the Solomon Invitational. You may be eligible for taking an apprentice during this phase, early of course, if your master deems you ready. Your symbol is >>>

Master Assassin: The highest rank you can receive in AoF, you will be able to take apprentices and train them just as you were. Congrats, no one exceeds your abilities and you are the ones to lead the charge into battle. The council and the Mentor turn to you for counsel and advice. Your symbol is >|<

Assassin Leader: Specifically reserved for council members who decide the clan's fate. Usually they are also masters, either with dueling, mapmodding, or both. Your symbol is >*<

Mentor: Self-explanatory, the Mentor and Leader of the Assassins of Freedom. His job is to hold the clan together, and oversee the Council. His symbol is >M<

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