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Member Biographies

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Member Biographies

Post  Nick on Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:31 pm

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
First coming to jk2 under the name "Alpha" I learned the basics and decided to make my own clan. The clan lasted about 3 months in total, with over 50 members. All thanks to his hard work, along with the help from two notably special guys Colt and Storm75. Colt and I originally came up with the name [501st] based off of the 501st legion of the republic/empire. After that ended, I moved on to create a second clan, called 79th, based off the vet's of 501st who stayed with me. Once I was finished starting my own clan's, I joined TS (temple security). There, i learned the basics to mapping, but more to just adding effects. I stayed in for about 6 months, To then leave to join [DARK] a highly known clan back in the day, where i learned most of what I know today with map editing. TS was disbanded a while after that. From those ashes I become a HM in dark and learned many good skills, but not all could be well for long, So i left, and disappeared for several months, appearing on abandoned servers searching for one of my old masters in TS...

I had found him one day, and he had re-started my training, but to end the lesson, he told me that he would not be able to see me again, Him and cane taros had moved on from TS and are leaving all of its members.

Two days after that, On the same server, Some one connected to the server with the name "Altair" and Assassins of freedom was born.

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  Leonardo on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:24 am

The history of Leonardo

On about January 20th, 2011, I discovered JK2 still had servers running. I had the 1.02 patch long ago, going under a different name, Viper, I think it was. I didn't like the 1.03 patch, so I stopped playing. It had been two years since I had last played, and the 1.04 patch I had not heard of, so I downloaded it and played. I was amazed! The maps, and structure were so much better! I ended up joining SoL, and for about 8 months, all was good. One day while I was wearing my guild tag, a fellow named Captain Scarlet, wanted to join. I'm not gonna lie, this kid was a HUGE noob. HUGE. So I swore him into the guild to gain members. Later, that same guy, now going by the name Ezio, was wearing our tags. In my clan, I basically personified THE assassin. So when he asked me to follow him, you better believe that I did. He took me to HACKS, which I had seen in the past, but now it had an addition, AoF. I was immediately inspired by this group, Ez, Alta(Altair), and Dudeman. They had done the impossible, made the game fun, and interesting. So, I left SoL, and I joined HACKS/AoF. The next couple months were painful, as I was unaware that *Named Not allowed* was really into admin abuse and he was REALLY nosy. How was he you ask? He banned people for going into his room, and due to Twifire, he could see what we typed in our consoles. I ended up quitting and after a little longer, I went underground. I assumed the name Leonardo, and for a month or two, attempted to free my friends in AoF of Mc's cruelty. So, I made them a forum and xfire page. Mc found our first forum then hacked it, banning us all. So I made this one. Alta and I had a very, very long argument with him, and eventually made him quit. That was like 3 weeks ago so this is quite new history ^^

In the future if JK2 loses its fan base, I intend to either move on to JKA, or The Old Republic. For now, I intend to help write AoF's history, as well as lengthen my own.

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  Uberist on Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:55 pm

Uber's history

My history is utterly boring and mostly covers my escapes on the Internet over the past four years. But all the cool kids are telling theirs, so I might as well tell mine.

In 2009, after hanging around the site for a while, I signed up for YouTube under the name uberPWNer1000. This name, as you all know, has stuck with me all this time. Around that same time I signed up for a free online MMO called Adventures Quest Worlds (I know lame, right?). I played that for a short time and then vanished from online gaming. It wasn't until a game called Team Fortress 2 became free to play that I started playing online again. So I assumed the uberPWNer1000 (Now Bronyist) and adjusted myself to the fps style. Then a man (known as Altair ingame) approached me one day and asked me to join a clan that he was a member of, HACKS. I agreed to this, so he burned me a copy of JK2 and I started playing with the members of the HACKS clan. Then life and school caught up to me and I had to stop playing for a while. Not long after I returned, AoF was undergoing the process of breaking off from HACKS, and I followed Alta and the rest of AoF to their new beginning.

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Alta's HisTorri

Post  Alta on Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:08 pm

Well well... bought JK2 the first day it came out. Loved that shiz, but was like 10 and a failure at it. Very Happy
Was lurking around as HuttHater and EwokLover... and sometimes GeorgeLucas Very Happy
Abandoned the game for the LONGEST time, pick it back up, assume a new name of Altair. Go to a completely random server, meet up with Ezio, we chatted for a LONG time, decided to form a brotherhood based on the ideals of the Assassins.
And after all this time, my lovableness has only increased. Very Happy After the ****** (Please, Do nt submit this clan name on this forum) Schism, I'm trying my best not to ra...destroy... my internet connection by hosting our beloved server. Still as of this time am looking for a better router... then more future will be had!

Viva la Vida.

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  The Outlaw on Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:21 pm

Well since i havent done this/ seen this topic on here here is my bio Smile
the Story of TheOutlaw...well i come from ohio and i am a kind person and cares for my friends (btw jsyk you may not want to get on my bad side...i talk) anyway i started playing jk2 the week before i joined hacks. one of my friends told me how good it was and so i got a demo of it and then i bought it. thats all for my stories for now you can talk to me for more info if you wish Twisted Evil
The Outlaw

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  Angelis on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:47 am

I started playing jk2 in 2011.I was having a blast and had a load of friends right from the go one of them was mcmonkey.And i made a clan called tbh.I had to leave for a year because i cldnt afford internet.When i came back i saw that tbh no longer excisted and its tags wr copied by some idiot and gave it a bad reputation.So i reformed it under the name elite secret shadows ESS.And killtaker was actually if a believe correctly one of the first in ESS Smile.And then it was going great.Then aof wnted an alliance we had several problems..Then the alliance was ended.I quit ESS and came to aof wich i joined 2 times before.And i have been here ever since.Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  Avenger on Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:12 pm

February 2012: I started the game with the name  "Killtaker16", I went to the Sol server for the first time, met many people from that clan. I felt nice so I decided to join Sol. I posted my application on their forums and while I was on Trial period I met a guy "Angel" on Sol server. He asked me to join ESS. I didn't knew most of the stuff at the time so I thought I might learn something new so I agreed. We both were the creators of ESS. It has been so long I don't even remember the meaning of ESS now, It had something with Elite Shadow. It was more like a fun loving guild with very people so we recruited more people and after a while, I became a council member of ESS along with 3 other guys. I heard that ESS had an alliance with AoF and I was curious, I wanted to explore more, So I decided to give them a visit. I went to the server ".....AoF" I was amazed at the designs of the map. I talked many people like Eagle (Dudeman), mcmonkey and had a disagreement with mcmonkey, I called him horse **** (Please do not swear), while Eagle laughed. Later, I was assigned a task by ESS that was to spy a clan with which ESS had bad relations with. The spying worked well but alliance with AoF ended soon after that. I decided "Shit man thats enough" and deleted the game.
  1 or 2 months later I decided lets give it a try. I met Angel after a checking a few servers and took on the name Avenger. I learned from Ezio about dueling and mapping. Because of the lag I wasn't a good dueler so I spent most of my time modding or making changes to maps. Well me and mcmonkey usually had disagreements but we both got over it and we began to joke about each other. We had lots of fun, we created IA where Instagib legends were born and Dudeman or Ezio always topped that. It lasted quite a while. We had new recruits and we stood together as 1 clan against many others. But then began the arguments in the clan and well ... it got got worse and worse. People couldn't meet up on the server because they were busy or due time differences. There were money problems, Server was closed off. We tried making an alternative server but those days weren't good compared with the old days so... less began coming in. It was getting boring and well... AoF was split. I was thinking of joining the Mando section but decided against it. So I joined Keepers of Legend with Prov. The rest is in the History section.

Master Assassin of AoF

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  mcmonkey on Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:06 pm

En April 2012, the monkey joined AoF.
monkey, former leader of [HACKS], the best clan EVER.
monkey, who led the Assassin's to greatness.
monkey, who hosts the server. Of power.
monkey, made Twifire mod.
monkey, who runs the AoF server. Of power.
monkey, who made TPM.
monkey, who pwns all.
monkey, who hates paragraphs.
monkey, who loves repetition.
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Why not?

Post  Prov on Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:45 am

The Soaring Eagle: A Biography of the user DudemanLG

Once, many moons ago, a young soul installed Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast on his computer. After playing and enjoying the single player campaign, he became aware of the multiplayer area of the game. Interested, he launched the multiplayer for the first time. Messing around with the options, he stumbled across the 'name' setting. After only a few seconds of internal debate, he decided upon a name.
Yes, children. The young soul who joined that fateful day was none other than the man you all would come to know as DudemanLG.

He joined a random server, and started talking with some people, including a skilled player who taught him the basics about the dueling system. As much as I may want you to believe that Dudeman immediately caught on to the dueling mechanics and was soon pwning everyone, young reader, that is simply not true. The young Dudeman was just a nub like everyone else.

He later decided to join a rather populated server. He soon struck up friendships with many of the people he met, winning them over with his lovable and amazing personality. Razz This server was the server for the clan ATS, where he would soon spend most of his time. ATS, which would eventually break into two fragments (the remnants of ATS and SoL), became a home for Dudeman. They even had the distinct honor of having Dudeman join the clan for a small time.

During the first year or so of his JK2 life, Dudeman met a player named MCMONKEY. Eventually becoming friends, they soon shared in many adventures relating to MCMONKEY's growing talents as a coder and mapmaker. They even started to make a series of videos made with the video game (one could almost call them "machinimas"). However, they had a falling out one day, and soon went their separate ways.

It wasn't long after that Dudeman became interested in Jedi Academy, the sequel to Jedi Outcast. He started playing the multiplayer on JA extensively, even spending more time on there than on Jedi Outcast. However, after a few months, he took a sudden, unexplained leave of absence from the major internet as a whole for a year and a half.

He came back to the interwebs older, wiser, and more mature. He started playing JK2 again, and it wasn't long before he met with an old friend - MCMONKEY. They soon reconvened on his server, the server for the clan [HACKS], where Dudeman met the leaders of a division of the clan: Altair and Ezio, the leaders of AoF. They soon persuaded Dudeman to join AoF.

The rest is history.
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Re: Member Biographies

Post  Machiavelli on Sat May 26, 2012 5:38 pm

Look! I can be unoriginal, too! Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away... I decided to post a biography because everyone else was.
There's not much to my story, actually. Christmas break of 2011. Ye older brother of mine, Leonardo (who was around since GOD was a little boy), introduced to me a computer game called JK2. After just getting a computer for Christmas, I was a little new at everything. Succumbing to my love of Star Wars, I agreed to install the game. Under the name Anixem, I started playing JK2 and trying to learn the most possible about the forum; after a couple days, I joined EoC and downloaded Xfire onto my harddrive... but unfortunately, all-knowing Leo had given me the crappy copy of the game. It froze up and I had to restart my computer four times before I could get it to work again. I resigned from playing JK2 for a while afterwards, because there was a danger of the crappy CD I'd installed to crash my computer...

Then, today, May 26th, like an hour ago or whatever, Leo introduced me to this forum! I aim to learn as much as possible about AoF, and contribute to it's (hopefully) long history.

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Re: Member Biographies

Post  Micr0 on Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:05 pm

History and birth of Micr0
Long time ago when i was about.. 13 Me and my parents were in target, walking around and on the corner in my eye i saw a game. STARWARS THE BEST OF PC. I feel in love with it once i saw it, but i didn't have no money at the time. But i saved up and sooner or later got the starwars TBpc.
I played all the other games at first, Then i tried jk2.
It was hard at first then i started to like the game, I played it everyday and never stopped.
I found out that you could play online of this game so i was excited to try it online. Then i join a server called ATS. And named myself Darth Taintus. Walking around like i was a jedi master, of some sort.
Then i come across this man Kernow pilgrim. We talked for a long while, and he asked me to join SoL. And i agreed and did an app in SoL fourms.
then i changed my name to MicroSoft* instead of darth taintus.[Later on i changed it to Micr0]
Through out those times i trained dueling ALOT. I would not stop playing this game for hours.
I played a full 2 straight days... [Yes i was a nerd]
But i was homeschool'd at the time so it was easy for me to get on the computer and play.
I would join CA server and train my dueling there, I would win some i would lose some.
I trained with many masters. Masters that gave me tips on dueling and taught me how to drag. Then i just used my red style and i would spam hits while i would roll. So that i would hit my enemy and they would miss me.
RR style [red runner] Is what i call it.
I would ask everybody to train me[even if i could beat them] Because i would want to know what there perspective is for dueling.
Later in my life, i quit SoL then tried joining Ca, I almost got in before one of my friends talked me into going back to sol. By then i was yellow flame.
During my time in SoL was fun, But i started to get bored.
Later on I made a group guild named EoC [Elites of Combat] And co leader Solid snake AKA Psycho made our beautiful forms. We started getting a lot of members, timm, vader, cibb, and solid tried making EoC sucessful! We all tried making a new server, by the help of ruskett. [Worst decision of my life]. Later on my life started to become difficult. Work, School. So i was never on. And EoC perished without there leader :''''''''''( Then i finally started to get to play jk2 after having a couple days off.
I later joined CE [Circle of Enmity] A saber dueling training clan. I got my skills sharpen'd, And perfected.
Then the horrible event of me getting outcast'd from Ce, I was angry and sad..
I rejoin SoL looking for some fun, But nobody joined the server.
Then Leo sent me a message about how AoF is growing and SoL is dying. I understood what he was coming from, so i said what the hell.
Then i finally joined AoF while they really wanted me to join.
My AoF app Didn't even take a day Razz



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Re: Member Biographies

Post  DeadlyShadow on Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:37 am

Well, since people made one, I might as well.....

It started in 2009. I picked up the complete collection back at a store. The collection had JK2, SWKOTOR, Republic Commando, and Batllefront. I played all, except for JK2. I decided to try it, and see how it went. I was amazed, and couldn't believe I put the game off. I decided to try the multiplayer portion of the game. After deciding on the name DeadlyShadow, I joined a random server. There, I was taught the basics of JK2. I ended up connecting to the uL, or United Lamers server. After chatting with one of its members, I was inducted into the clan. All was well for the time of being. But all changed with the deterioration of trust within the clan. I became a lone wolf. I played on servers, then i connected to the HACKS server. There, i met MC and Ezio. After some time, I joined that clan. Everything was fine for a short while. But after some inner clan arguements, I left JK2 for 2 years. I focused more on school and motocross while JK2 collected dust. Then one day, I decided to give JK2 another shot. I joined the AoF server, with my old [HACKS]AoF tag. I was then seen by ine of AoFs members, then realized what happened between HACKS and AoF. I removed the tags, and just hanged around the server. I was then noticed by Ezio and Altair. They wondered why i went away for such a long time. I applied for AoF, and the rest is history.....
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Re: Member Biographies

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