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Re-livining the Character amounts

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Re-livining the Character amounts

Post  Nick on Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:12 am

We're working on creating a roleplay group! if you want to roleplay, or be a part of the modding/roleplay team, lemme know in your char post! Below you will list the general details of your character, like Age, birth place, position within their organization, race, NAME!, Lightside/darkside, last name possibly, etc.

I'll start this off, with my two roles - 1st is a not-very-important-disposable char, a guard, and the 2nd a neutral hunter/darkside, which will be my main character

1st - Name: Guard Captain James Thire
Age: 26
Birth place: Alderaan
Republic Army - Thrata Company Captain
Race: Human
Last Name: Thire

NO BACK STORY FOR DISPOSABLE CHAR -------------------------------------------------

2nd - Name: Venku Ordo
Age: 35
Birth place: Dxun
Bounty Hunter - Assassin
Race: Human(mandalorian)
Last Name: Ordo

Raised into a mandalorian family, father and brother fought and died in unspecific battle, leaving Venku and his mother, his mother became a war chief in their honor, and Venku exile himself for his lack of courage to join his male-family in battle/death. He was trained by a man under the name of 'Karga' who picked the boy up who ended up on Onderon through his younger life. The boy was trained on a private ship, and kept their for all of his life, once finished training, his 'master/trainer' let him go, and was never to be seen again. Venku sought out the line of combat work, employing himself as a bounty hunter for the top bidders. Gaining a nick name for himself as 'Solus' meaning Solo/alone in Mando'a, for he ventured on his own and accepted no help (THIS FAR) - he now scours the galaxy looking for work, regardless of the employers morals. He shoots to kill and hunts for the pay.

(I'll be making/finding skins for both and will add links soon)



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Re: Re-livining the Character amounts

Post  Prov on Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:19 am

Disposable characters:

Name: Sal Forrin
Age: 22
Birthplace: Coruscant
Occupation: Republic Army
Race: Human
Alignment: Light side
Full RP name: Private Forrin

Name: Ton Balas
Age: 24
Birthplace: Telos
Occupation: Empire - Sith Adept
Race: Human
Alignment: Dark side
Full RP name: Sith Adept Balas

((Will edit soon with main characters))


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Re: Re-livining the Character amounts

Post  Black ASSassin on Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:58 pm

Disposable characters:

Name: Zolar Kedue
Age: 17
Birthplace: Ryloth
Occupation: Jedi
Race: Twi'lek
Alignment: Light side
Full RP name: Padawan Kedue

Name: Astin Danigo
Age: 57
Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa
Occupation: Republic Army
Race: Human
Alignment: Light Side
Full RP name: Veteran Astin Danigo

Name: Nasm'et
Birthplace: Iridonia
Occupation: Sith
Race: Zabrak
Alignment: Dark Side
RP name: SithLord Nasm'et

ill come up with a main character later, since not that creative and maybe even more disposable characters

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Re: Re-livining the Character amounts

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